The Misfit Restaurant + Bar

Santa Monica attracts millions of visitors every year, set to explore the world famous pier and the  miles of golden sand beaches to be as active or sedated as they please. Walking distance from the pier is The 3rd Street Promenade, an open air shopping experience stretching for blocks along the pedestrian only road where street performs entertain shoppers in hopes of making a few bucks or being discovered for their talents. 

Along the path between the beach and the Promenade is The Misfit, a locals favorite, bar centric restaurant serving signature cocktails and high end comfort food. Here, regulars and tourists alike can indulge in the accessible menu while sipping hard to find bourbons or bartender's choice mixed cocktails - all guaranteed to excite the senses.

An impressive wooden bar dominates the room. The two-story classic built-in library stretches the length of the restaurant along the right wall.   The alcohol selection is worthy of such a grand display housing limited release and small batch favorites. With nearly twenty nicely curated beers on tap, half of which are brewed in California, you are bound to find one that quenches your thirst. If wine is more your fancy, there is a nice range of limited selection glasses and bottles with an accessible price range. Tastefully oversized columns separate the bar area from the dining section that is filled with inviting tables and booths along the left side of the first floor with additional seating in the loft perched in the back overlooking the lower level. 

If the bar is the boisterous focal point, the food is the understated star. The menu is comprised of small plate options with the head section dedicated to the local farmers market. Familiar items are elevated in the inventive kitchen including the surprisingly Spicy Charred Broccoli and the Chorizo Mussels. Other favorites include the Jidori Chicken Sandwich, the Crispy Lobster Nik-Niks and the Misfit Burger.

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