Salerno's, Toluca Lake

A welcoming cafeteria style restaurant where you order at the counter with a wide variety of numerous salads and sandwiches listed on the board behind the register. The interior seating is plentiful but the patio is much more inviting. The patio is covered allowing for shade a nice cool breeze and is surrounded by lush trees removing you from the high volume of traffic. Sitting out there, I thuroughly enjoy my Arnold Palmer as i wait for my number to be called over the loud speaker.

Keeping with the cafeteria motiff, my plastic tray is adorned with a plastic plate piled high with a mixed greens salad and a mouth watering Ruban, plastic utensil and a styrafoam bowl filled with piping hot cream of broccoli soup. The mixed greens salad has a dollop of creamy balsamic vinegarette that at first appears sparse but is bolder than anticipated. The cream of broccoli soup has great consistency and flavor, full of soft broccoli and rich cream. Unlike most soups, this needs no additives which says alot because I think everything needs more pepper. The soup also holds it's consistency throughout the meal. As for the meat of my lunch, if you will, the Corned-beef was stuffed between slices of rye toasted to perfection. Upon diving in, I find the Corned-beef is tough and fatty but the kraut, 1000 Island and toasted rye bread are full of flavor.
I look forward to my next visit and exploring the plethora of options.