A healthy take on the Food Truck craze

If you've been out and about during lunch you've tasted, smelled, or at least seen the food trucks.  They are no longer nondescript silver behemoths that scare away the faint of heart who suffer from a weak stomach.  No, these vessels of culinary delight are distinguishably bright and waiting for you to find them as they maneuver around town; most using Twitter to help you locate your favorite truck.

While wandering around Downtown, I stumbled upon a lunch encampment of trucks ready to serve those that work in walking distance of the 7th and Fig Plaza.  I had a hankering for something healthy and to my surprise was greeted by the sparkling, Greenz on Wheelz truck; with the slogan, "Lettuce Serve You" welcoming me right on up.  The truck offers numerous options including wrap versions of the numerous salads as well as sandwich melts.  As I hoped they offered a steak salad which happened to be the most expensive option at a mere $9. Luckily they accept credit cards as I was out of cash.

It took longer than I anticipated for them to call my name, but it was well worth the wait.  Inside by disposable container was a huge salad of mixed greens, cucumbers and juicy tomatoes, all tossed with a delightful balsamic vinaigrette and rich blue cheese, topped with chopped pieces of steak.  The fresh vegetables, steak, cheese and dressing complimented each other perfectly.  Before I opened the box I was concerned I would have to battle with large pieces of steak but the individual ingredients were so well prepared that they filled the fork to perfection, enabling a little bit of everything on each forkful.

I was utterly surprised by how tasty and fresh a food truck salad could be!


  1. I like the new back ground! Also, this review made me very hungry

  2. I crave the Spicy Pork Sandwich and stalk Greenz on Wheelz to satisfy my mouth. Yummy, Flavorfull, Delicious,Tantalizing.