Los Angeles' Best Italian Deli

Los Angeles is known for many things: awesome weather, beautiful beaches, Hollywood movies, and a fantastic food scene.

Nearly 100 years after opening doors on the corner of Lincoln and Broadway in Santa Monica, Bay Cities is still turning out unforgettable meals. The no frills store-front opens into an unassuming grocery store flanked by a full service deli and olive bar. Upon deeper investigation, an appreciation of the finely curated items stocking the shelves comes to fruition - Limited Release Virgin Olive Oils and aged Balsamic Vinegars sit along side a worldly traveled cheese selection. The back room is stocked with an exquisite liquor selection, and an assortment of hard to find service and preparation utensils round out the shopping experience.

The refined selection of take home ingredients is emulated by the in-house creations. salads and desserts made daily line the refrigerator, as the kitchen turns out award worthy lasagna, meatballs, ravioli and an inspirational bread that is baked continuously throughout the day. The crisp crust encasing the fluffy interior is served as an enhancing side to the precisely executed pasta options or as the vessel for the renowned sandwiches.

Speaking of sandwiches, the most highly regarded Bay Cities fare is the Godmother - and for good reason. The Italian roll layered with savory Genoa Salami, Mortadella Cappacola, Ham and Prosciutto are complimented perfectly by the crunch of "The Works" (mayo, mustard, pickles, onions, lettuce, Italian dressing and choice of hot or mild peppers).

If the Godmother is the star of cold sandwiches, then the Chicken Parmesan is King of hot sandwiches. The breaded chicken is moist and enhanced by the marinara sauce, peppers and cheese; all perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the Italian roll. Much like the Godmother being the measuring stick for Italian Subs, this chicken parmesan is the pinnacle all chicken parmesan sandwiches should be judged against.

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Beautiful Belize

For two weeks we explored the coast, island hopped and braved the jungles of Belize. We fished naked from our private dock, swam with sharks and toasted Belikins with Howler Monkeys on Mayan Ruins along the Guatemalan border.

The food varied vastly across the small country with the exception of the staple, rice & beans or beans & rice - yes there is a difference. However, the best meal of the whole trip was an Italian feast on Christmas Day at Blancaneaux Lodge - cheese from the local Mennonites, herbs and vegetables fresh from the garden all paired with Coppola's award winning wines on a veranda over looking the grounds.

Sunrise From Bird Island 

 After the Storm

Bird Island  - book here

 Sleeping Giants - book here

Coracoal Mayan Archeological site 

Five Sisters Falls outside Gaia River Lodge

Breakfast Avocado Bowl

When a food comes with it's own bowl, like the avocado does - use it!

Split the avocado lengthwise for equal haves to make breakfast for 2. 

Use whole eggs for richer flavor or egg whites if you are calorie conscious.

What you'll need:

Cutting board from Leelanau Wave


 Eggs - 1 or 2 per person
 Red Pepper  1/2 pepper chopped
 Orange Pepper - 1/2 pepper chopped
 Asparagus - 6 stalks chopped
 Tomato - chopped and seeded
 Avocado - Split in half and seeded
 Butter - 1 Tbs


Melt butter in medium fry pan. Scramble eggs in bowl and set aside.

Add salt and pepper to butter, then add the hard veggies, Peppers & Asparagus. Once they soften, add
the tomato and eggs.

Fill the avocado cavity left by the large seed with the mixture of eggs and veggies.