Beautiful Belize

For two weeks we explored the coast, island hopped and braved the jungles of Belize. We fished naked from our private dock, swam with sharks and toasted Belikins with Howler Monkeys on Mayan Ruins along the Guatemalan border.

The food varied vastly across the small country with the exception of the staple, rice & beans or beans & rice - yes there is a difference. However, the best meal of the whole trip was an Italian feast on Christmas Day at Blancaneaux Lodge - cheese from the local Mennonites, herbs and vegetables fresh from the garden all paired with Coppola's award winning wines on a veranda over looking the grounds.

Sunrise From Bird Island 

 After the Storm

Bird Island  - book here

 Sleeping Giants - book here

Coracoal Mayan Archeological site 

Five Sisters Falls outside Gaia River Lodge

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