Breakfast Avocado Bowl

When a food comes with it's own bowl, like the avocado does - use it!

Split the avocado lengthwise for equal haves to make breakfast for 2. 

Use whole eggs for richer flavor or egg whites if you are calorie conscious.

What you'll need:

Cutting board from Leelanau Wave


 Eggs - 1 or 2 per person
 Red Pepper  1/2 pepper chopped
 Orange Pepper - 1/2 pepper chopped
 Asparagus - 6 stalks chopped
 Tomato - chopped and seeded
 Avocado - Split in half and seeded
 Butter - 1 Tbs


Melt butter in medium fry pan. Scramble eggs in bowl and set aside.

Add salt and pepper to butter, then add the hard veggies, Peppers & Asparagus. Once they soften, add
the tomato and eggs.

Fill the avocado cavity left by the large seed with the mixture of eggs and veggies.


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