Best Burger in Los Angeles

There are a lot of claims for the best this or the best that in Los Angeles. Like the best way to get to Hollywood from the westside; or the best actor in a drama series. Those waiver and vary day-to-day, but Stout Burger and Beers is consistently the best burger in town!  Across the 3 locations; Hollywood, Studio City and Santa Monica, the flavors coming out of the kitchen are hands down the best around. The beef blend is ground in house to maintain the richness that is enhanced by the particular toppings not to be altered on any of the seven burger options. There are also a pair of ground chicken patty options and a pair of quinoa & bean veggie patty options created with equally tasteful care - all tailored to produce the highest quality, most exciting flavor  on a brioche bun.   

The pleasant and knowledge-able staff does not shy away from making suggestions off the accessibly intricate food menu. They are also more than happy to pour a sample or two from the precisely curated beer menu customized to enhance the meal. Each Stout location rotates thirty-some craft beers on tap, over a dozen bottles of beer and a growing wine list, meant to be explored. It's worth starting your meal with the oversized, soft pretzel and a beer while deciding which burger to choose.

The over-easy egg oozing from The Morning After envelopes the palette, while the fig jam on the Six Weeker commands the sweeter side of the taste spectrum in opposition to the spiciness of the SHU Burger. The Imperialist stands tall as the classic twist on the American cheese-burger with the nutty aged cheddar, roasted tomatoes and mustard relish; while the Truffle Shuffle exemplifies the earthy mushrooms through the smooth brie cheese. Smoked mozzarella, parmasiano  flakes and crispy prosciutto, finished with a refreshing lemon-basil aioli make the Goombah a close runner-up to the, name-sake star of the menu. The mouthwatering Stout Burger is crafted with both gruyere and blue cheese over rosemary bacon, caramelized onions and house-made horseradish cream. Did I already say mouthwatering?

Do yourself a favor and save some room for dessert, because Stout did not settle on just having the best burger in Los Angeles. No, the neighborhood burger and beer pub finishes the meal with a surprisingly decadent dessert in the bread pudding that is arguably the best on the west coast. The warm dessert masterpiece is marbled with caramel and chocolate chips - a perfect juxtaposition of crispy and soft; salty and sweet; and when served à la mode, hot and cold. 


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