New Mediterranean in Los Feliz

The Sidewalk Grill is the newest addition to a Los Angeles staple. This family owned and operated establishment has been serving skewered meats and vegetables to Los Angeles for nearly thirty years, and are now bringing their award winning dishes to Los Feliz. The menu at the Sidewalk grill is limited compared to the other locations with promise of growth. The kitchen is small and inviting as you can watch the skewers of chicken and filet roast over the open flame. Pair your favorite kabob with some of the traditional Mediterranean side dishes and you've got a great meal to rouse the palette.

Both the chicken kabob and filet mignon kabob were very tender and moist. There was nothing masking the quality of the meat whose flavors were highlighted by the open flame grilling. For being a nonchalant grill, the presentation on the plate was superb as the grilled vegetables, rice, skewered meat and individual side dishes gracefully filled the plate. The garlic sauce that accompanied the dish was full of flavor while the hummus was overshadowed.

As with all good meals, a final sweets course is required to fully appreciate the experience. The baklava did not disappoint! You could feel the individual layers break away, emphasizing the individual flavors, as you bit through the delicate dessert. After dining at The Sidewalk Grill, it's no wonder they have been in business for thirty years.

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