Hollywood's newest burger joint

The gourmet burger crazy has taken Los Angeles by storm. You want a made-to-order burger with arugula, guacamole, and a house-made spicy ketchup? There is probably a place in your neighborhood. Hollywood's newest burger joint, Juicy Burger is located on the corner of Hollywood and Ivar. The dining area is a long narrow stretch of tables opposite the open kitchen situated behind the quick-service counter. There is a row of stools that line a large bay window, perfect for people watching. Since Juicy Burger stays open until 3am to cater to the late night crowd, the people watching becomes quite interesting (I watch two ladies passionately undress each other).

Juicy Burger offers a half dozen "classic burgers" to choose from or for the more adventurous types, a five step menu from which you can choose various toppings to put upon your chosen patty and accompanying bun. Toppings range from free to $1 a piece and vary from your basic lettuce and ketchup to chipotle mayo and green chilies or grilled pineapple.

The fries are house cut and tasty and the toppings are fresh, even though they have been out of at least one topping each time I've gone. The burger is nice and juicy, as the name on the door suggest, but a bit lackluster. Luckily the premium sauces enhance the Juicy Burger experience; the garlic mayo and Tabasco ketchup add a titillating flair to an otherwise banal burger.

Overall, it's a fine burger and a great option if there are no other options. However, this is Hollywood and there are always options.

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  1. your use of the word 'titillating' leads me to believe this was co-written by Jen Fey